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The Auckland Centre for Financial Research is hosting several events in 2021.

New Zealand Capital Markets Symposium

(in person at AUT City Campus with the option of going online if necessary due to possible Covid-19 restrictions)
10 June 2021 from 12 noon to around 6 pm

One of our key objectives at the Auckland Centre for Financial Research is to bridge the gap between academia and the finance industry in New Zealand by engaging in debate, discussion and research that is relevant to New Zealand. To achieve this objective we host the New Zealand Capital Markets Symposium, aimed at bringing together academics and industry practitioners to discuss the current issues in financial markets, regulations, corporate governance, climate change risk, fraud, etc. in New Zealand.

Derivative Markets Conference

(Online from Auckland)
9 & 10 September 2021

The Derivatives Market Conference is held once a year and specifically focuses on derivative markets. This conference is aimed at academics and industry participants that specialize in derivative markets and risk management.

New Zealand Finance Meeting

(Online from Auckland)
16 & 17 December 2021 – TBC

The Auckland Finance Meeting is an annual international conference that brings leading finance academics from around the world together to present and debate current research on all fields in finance. The conference consists of various research presentations and a keynote speech (speaker to be announced as soon as possible). We also host a doctoral symposium, where PhD students from New Zealand and around the world present their research ideas to distinguished professors in finance.

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