FINSENT Sentiment Index

The Auckland Centre for Financial Research has created the FINSENT Sentiment Index to provide a quantitative measure of investor sentiment for various financial markets. Market sentiment is an important consideration in the investment process and the FINSENT Sentiment Index is a key tool to measure sentiment.

The FINSENT Sentiment Index is forward looking, measuring investor sentiment over one month and six months. Current markets include the NZX 50, ASX 200, S&P 500, and New Zealand foreign exchange rates with Australia and the United States.

It is free and easy to participate in the FINSENT Sentiment Index. To find out how to register and to learn more about investor sentiment and the FINSENT Sentiment Index use the menu on the left.

The FINSENT Sentiment Index has recently been released and we are currently collecting data points through each survey. As we collect more data we will provide further details in the results.


26 January, 2018.