Financial Markets

Financial markets are essential components of modern countries, reallocating and redistributing resources to maximise economic growth. Yet so many aspects of financial markets are not yet well understood and need greater attention to maximise the potential of exchanges and countries. Our research focuses is on issues, such as the effects of exchange competition; financial literacy and its role on market participation; and how regulation affects financial markets.

Current research in the financial markets field includes:

  • “Do Criminal Sanctions Deter Insider Trading?”
    Winner of the Best Paper In Investments, New Zealand Finance Colloquium 2011, Christchurch, NZ
  • “Learning by Doing: The Role of Financial Experience in Financial Literacy”
    Winner of the Best Paper in Personal Finance, New Zealand Finance Colloquium 2012, Albany, NZ
  • “The dynamics of price discovery for cross-listed shares: Evidence from Australia and New Zealand”, (2010) Journal of Banking and Finance 34, 498-508.
  • “Price Discovery in US-Canadian Cross-listed Shares”